An Entirely Unique Opportunity

You have before you the latest, freshest overview of one of the most dynamic and high-paying Financial Services Business Opportunities available today:  that of the … Ca$hcard Master Partner, Metro Partner and Professional Service Team Agent!

You’ve likely been provided access to this information by someone from the Ca$hcard Home Office or an authorized Ca$hcard Representative. At minimum, you’ll find this material to be informative; it’s designed to thoroughly inform you regarding Ca$hcard Professional Services OpportunitiesAlso  -  we’re confident this information will better enable you to …

  • evaluate what Ca$hcard offers  -  both now  …  and in the future
  • do a very open comparison of Ca$hcard to other business ownership/management opportunities you’re considering
  • help you determine if being a Ca$hcard Partner or Professional Service Team Agent would be your Best Next Financial and/or Career Move


  • No getting “stiffed” for fees due: YOU get paid first!
  • Annual net profits averaging upwards of 20% of gross income
  • Not even one penny of agent money used as advanced funds
  • No endless hours of telephone work
  • Manageable optional local travel; workable from home – or small, low-cost business office 
  • No need for client & applicant follow-up

What Ca$hcard Is (3-min video)

Ca$hcard Business Fundamentals

Credit Card Rules

So you might ask: just how does Ca$hcard work? What are the operating fundamentals of the business?

To answer that, let’s give first attention to basic bank-card rules:  Looking at the bank cards you personally carry and the account statements you regularly receive  –  you likely notice that many feature both a “Credit Limit” as well as a “Cash Limit”. Those roles could not be more obvious. As a prospective Ca$hcard Master Partner, Metro Partner or Professional Service Team Agent, you might surmise the reasons have to do with some level of ability to  – as a means of financial latitude  –  pursue and acquire the “material items” and tangible “goods” bought with the credit-card while ratcheting up its balance to the maximum-limit.

In the day-to-day outworkings of all of this  –  whether or not they know it  –  Joe & Jane Cardholder can call their credit-card issuing-bank any time they want to request cash, to request a credit-limit increase and transact other business. But as far as cash advances go  –  they can’t get always get an immediate one  …  and, sometimes, they can’t get one at all! With Ca$hcard, though  –  they can  –  and for the entire amount of all of the available credit on their card.

No Liability to NABCA, Ca$hcard or Affiliates

Matters of Cash Balances and Credit Balances are, as you know, between the card-issuer and the cardholder. NABCA’s sanctioning Ca$hcard’s position in the situation allows us to transcend such fundamental lower-level relationships  –  similar in many ways to Federal laws often over-riding or trumping state laws. Because this business is, always has been and always will be so extremely lucrative  –  there’s not been even one card-sponsor who’s dissolved their relationship with NABCA or ceased doing business.

A parallel here for card-issuing NABCA Members, if you will, is if one of the teams in the National Football League doesn’t like NFL policies:  they remain in the League as there is no other NFL.    Period.

While owners can sell their franchises or get involved in Canadian or European Leagues

  1. their franchise remains in-place
  2. the NFL, itself, continues

Fact-of-the-matter is:  NABCA backs these transactions of ours as part of the membership coverage provided to card-issuers and card sponsors. And  –  as we’ve proven to individual card-issuers  –  their profit percentages & dollars only increase.

Unrivaled “Top Shelf” Per-Transaction Commission

Fees for transactions written by Ca$hcard are built-in to each transaction and are automatically collected.
These fees range upwards of 20% per-transaction! 

“Why Is CA$HCARD Now Being Expanded?”

CA$HCARD is following the dictates of the NORTH AMERICAN BANK CARD ASSOCIATION in rolling out the current best Professional Financial-Practice Business Opportunity available: becoming a CA$HCARD Master Partner, Metro Partner or Professional Service Team Agent.

Cash-Advance Industry Growth

If you’ve looked around at all - you can’t help but notice a veritable boatload of new check-cashing and payroll-advance places coming onto the national, regional and local scenes with frequency. It can sometimes seem like there’s one on every corner.
The Personal Cash industry is setting its own impressive pattern and pace of growth.

Competing with Automated Teller Machines (ATMs)

Competition for unique CA$HCARD Professional Services includes, of course, ATMs which, in and of themselves, set a certain fee-structure.
Depending on the sponsoring bank or other organization and their applicable promotion, those fees run anywhere from 0% to upwards of 5%. ATMs in foreign locations are, naturally, higher.

Competing with Check-Cashing Franchises

As CA$HCARD makes available exceptional Professional Financial Practice/Business Opportunities, we know we have to address the matter of competition: that is – how do we stack up against other entities whose business ownership opportunities you’re considering?
There are several reasons we believe we compare favorably...

The Timeliness of the CA$HCARD Business

it probably couldn’t be better. The economy’s recently been on the ropes - during which foreclosures & bankruptcies reached all-time record highs. Add to that how the distancing, separation and polarizing of social classes based on financial measurements continues apace.
And although they’re certain to be back - none of us can actually be sure of the exact date favorable economic times will return; certainly they’re taking their time...

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Ca$hcard Agents are never “out of pocket”!

Ca$hcard Partners & Agents never contribute any of their own money to the cash-advance transactioning portion of their Ca$hcard business.


What makes a good Ca$hcard Partner/Team Agent?

Must be willing to venture forth into what is essentially building and supporting the financial needs of consumer-level cash-clients 1-on-1  …  unsupervised  …  and with minimum hand-holding. 

Must be capable of focused, undistracted business thought & action  –  including working independently. Must want to do what’s required to become a top-rated Ca$hcard Appointee and enjoy the revenue and profits of being a Ca$hcard Partner/Team Agent.

Must want to become essentially self-employed  …  free from most common “job” constraints and exercise a tremendous opportunity to add to or (most likely) replace their present income sources. 


The successful New Partner/Agent will be able to think beyond conventional job constraints like start-time, lunch-time and quitting-time. Such a successful individual will not be a clock-puncher or yes-person. Based on recent business operation  –  the successful Partner/Agent will likely soon find themselves very involved with a growing & going profitable concern.

Entrepreneurial Spirit?

Must desire to take the simple fundamentals of a proven, existing, money-making going concern…  to make it grow and go!

Want to Learn More about Becoming a Ca$hcard Agent?