The annual growth-percentages for store-front check-cashing concerns have been staggering  …  sometimes over 20% a year!

Max Brandon  –  along with a handful of other forward-thinking members of the National Banking Community  –  noticed this years ago  …  but no one did anything about it.

After watching key-players look at it often  –  but repeatedly walk away and do nothing  –  Max decided to do something about it.

And  –  Max decided to do it better than the check-cashers.

The last thing Max would ever want to be is just another store-front.

Plus –  Max had a decades-long background and connections in large-scale banking none of them possessed.

(And although Max’s good idea had its place, it’s fair to say that he met with resistance from within “traditional elements” of the North American Bank Card Association.)

What Max came up with, though, was designed for the Independent Partner/Agent who wants to conserve their up-front initial investment requirement:  so  –  on that basis  –  Ca$hcardneeds only relatively modest fees (mostly legal, company & organizational check-offs) in order for Partners & Agents to get securely, profitably, and legally underway  . . .  and none of the massive franchise-fee outlay of many of the payroll-advance franchises  –  nor any of their required, pricey, store-front real estate.

And even though these outfits make money  –  Cashcard’s profit-percentages seriously out-run those of store-front operations.

Hey  –  there’s nothing wrong with them  …  nor are we putting them down in any way.

We’re simply highlighting differences between inferior operations and superior operations.

Ca$hcard and the store-fronts are all functioning, revenue-producing, profit-earning businesses.

You’re right now looking at the best-remunerating business available.

Parts of looking for your next or last high-paying career-stop can involve topics such as commission-percentages, profit-margins, competing business-opportunity offers and other comparisons.

Ca$hcard’s, we believe, are very hard to beat