Competition for unique Ca$hcard Professional Services includes, of course, ATMs which, in and of themselves, set a certain fee-structure.

Depending on the sponsoring bank or other organization and their applicable promotion, those fees run anywhere from 0% to upwards of 5%.

ATMs in foreign locations are, naturally, higher.

Here’s something you already know:  Neither “free” ATM usage or “free” checking is, in fact, actually “free”.

Costs for such services are manifest in lowered interest-rates paid to account-holders on savings and other interest-bearing bank offerings.

These costs exist and are actually levied against banking customers in other ways and under different cloaks.

Payroll-advance, cash-advance & check-cashing places are also of the same genré and similarly help set fee-structure for us:  in fairness, though, Ca$hcard offers a unique and cream-of-the-crop type of personalized financial service.    For that reason, we get to charge more.    Period.

These other cash-advance & check-cashing places are also proliferating like few things ever before seen:  and – until legislation is passed at appropriate Federal or State levels restricting their activities – the store-front check-cashers will be able to continue sorely ripping people off via sky-high interest-rates on car-titles & similar.    (Speaking with you candidly, these companies have sometimes made me wonder if they’re a “front” for laundering, for drugs or something else illicit or contraband  –  but that’s another topic … )

By seeking only to help individuals and not endeavoring to leverage their temporarily needy financial situations against them as individuals, Ca$hcard stays clearly separated from cash-advance & check-cashing operators of dubious reputation.

But  –  with ATMs and check-cashing places everywhere, two key questions arise …

  1. how can Ca$hcard compete with them?
  2. what service can Ca$hcard offer that’s different?

What Ca$hcard offers, basically, is a high-$ mobile credit-to-cash bank;  no one else does that  –  nor is anyone else legally authorized or permitted to do that.

Although the major portion of our clientele is well-employed and funded with high-balance bank-deposit accounts  –  many are just temporarily cash-strapped & in need of a close-off, or to put a quick plug on a bit of a cash-hemorrhage.

But the exact motivations of prospective Ca$hcard clients really make no difference as we extend a high-level of personal service to a wide-variety of clients which makes them all feel elite;  it truly does.

It’s easy to see then, then, why we charge elite-level fees for our services …

  1. we provide unique, elite-level service
  2. we give cash-access to the more economical credit-only portion of the client’s card-limits
  3. we make a lot more cash available than do the credit-card companies and ATMs
  4. we provide quick personalized service without all the long waits and long looks of banks
  5. when compared to bank-card cash-advance fees on a bang-for-buck basis, Ca$hcard is really not at all high  –  and is actually a good consumer value