As Ca$hcard makes available exceptional Professional Financial Practice/Business Opportunities, we know we have to address the matter of competition:  that is – how do we stack up against other entities whose business ownership opportunities you’re considering?

There are several reasons we believe we compare favorably:

First of all:  we have no competition.

There are those in the related periphery of check-cashing and pawning  –  but none of them compete head-to-head with us as they don’t do what we do  –  and cannot do what Ca$hcard Partners and Professional Service Team Agents are solely authorized to do.

So Ca$hcard Professional Services Partner and Team Agent Opportunities immediately elevate themselves above store-front check-cashers and pawns.

Next:  the Ca$hcard Business is one …

  1. which has mostly income and effectively runs on the money of clients
  2. that requires near-zero start-up/operating capital;  the business requires Master Partners, Metro Partners and Professional Service Team Agents to bring only modest amounts to cover licensing, security/legally-required fees, basic setup, and general operation of the business
  3. featuring no sobering huge franchise fee
  4. featuring no need for a facility or fixed-location with heavy security and a thick-glassed secure area from which to transact business and keep aggressive patrons at-bay

Ca$hcard is a business which …

  1. runs itself
  2. requires no costly marketing or promotion
  3. first pays you before you cut a client-check for the borrowed and advanced difference

Master Partners, Metro Partners and Professional Service Team Agents are able to advance money to the bankcard-holder …

  1. often cheaper than their own card-issuer
  2. without the cardholder having to undergo all the scrutiny, time-loss and “qualification” to which they’d be subjected by the card-issuer or a representative bank
  3. up to their maximum credit-limit  –  free of those limiting Cash-Only restrictions
  4. in amounts multiples greater than the cardholder can get at some store-front check-cashing outlet  –  which, by the way, cannot advance money on their bankcard