Why This New Partner/Agent Opportunity Overview Is Provided

This Informative Web Site is Provided as a Single Source One-Stop Reference for Prospective Ca$hcard Service Professionals at 3 levels:

  1. Master Partner
  2. Metro Partner
  3. Team Agent

Ca$hcard Understands That Shopping For A Well-Compensating Business Is Serious Business In Itself  –  Particularly in This Challenging Economy

As a prospective Ca$hcard Professional Services Partner/Agent, we appreciate that …

  • you’re looking for a well-paying situation  –  and as much independence as possible
  • you may be just starting your search  –  or you may have been at it for some time
  • there are certain things you’re seeking  –  known only to you

As we won’t initially know where, exactly, you are in your search or what you’re specifically seeking  –  this Overview has been prepared to best present Ca$hcard facts, figures, and background in all aspects of this outstanding and timely Business Ownership opportunity.

To provide you with information relative to questions which naturally arise surrounding a Ca$hcard Professional Service Partner/Agent Opportunities, there are a number of topical issues, surrounding opportunities, activities, responsibilities and challenges related to Ca$hcard.    From a hi-level perspective, though  –  they all boil down to just a couple:

  1. Offer an excellent low-overhead, inventory-free service to local clients with paybacks to you orbits above most anything else you’ll encounter
  2. Earn the gratifying high-profit built-in to each transaction written
  3. Enroll at the upper-levels of Ca$hcard  –  and recruit other top-producers to add even more to your profits

Largely unique to Ca$hcard  –  our Professional Service Partner & Agent Opportunities allow you to set your own schedule  …  enabling you to blend your new Ca$hcard activities around your other interests and obligations    Be a full-time or part-time Ca$hcard Affiliate  –  it’s up to you.

The North American Bank Card Association (NABCA  –  the Ca$hcard-authorizing organization;  The-NABCA-Site.com) has mandated the simple Ca$hcard organizational structure as they must have  –  and will not permit anything less than  –  maximum cardholder support in all active Ca$hcard territories;  following involved testing and after much deliberation  –  they feel the basic structure they’ve set forth is the best way to provide that.    Within that, however, there is a limited amount of flexibility  –  especially when getting New Professional Service Partners & Agents underway.

As a financial footnote:  the value of this opportunity  –  and the revenue it produces  –  is what validates underlying fees;  while Ca$hcard sets business-building fees  –  NABCA, itself, has designated all related transaction fees.